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To Avoid Family Disputes

When you pass away without a Will, your estate can be a root cause of dispute among your family members. These disputes might break your family. A categorical division of assets will ensure peaceful distribution of assets.

Having a Will reduces legal complications

Protect your loved ones by writing your Will so that your relatives or strangers cannot claim false stake in your assets and money. It can take upto 5 years for your family members to get your assets in the absence of a Will.

To ensure guardianship of minor children

If you pass away before your children are adults, not having a proper guardian might jeopardise their future. You can appoint a guardian only through a Will otherwise the court appoints guardians which are as per the law.

To control who receives your assets

If you pass away without a Will, your assets are passed to your successors as per the laws of inheritance and not by your choice. By making a Will, you choose who gets a share in your estate after your demise.

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Why Will

WILL is necessary to distribute your properties only as per your WISHES and not as per law.


What is Will?

WILL is a written and signed plain paper document of 1 or more pages with basic details, signed by the maker and two witnesses.


How to make?

Profaides helps you write your legal Will. You can also seek help to get your Will reviewed and registered through our team which consists of expert lawyer as well


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