Post Company Registration- Compliance

Post Company Registration Compliance

The company whether an OPC, Private Limited Company, Section 8 Company or a Limited Company needs to comply with several requirements of Company Act, like issue of share certificates, payment of stamp duty on the shares certificates, filing of declaration for the commencement of business and appointment of the first auditor of the company.

If you are a startup, the journey to becoming an entrepreneur starts with the Registration of Company. A company is a Legal Entity that is regulated by the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the local laws of the state where the company has its registered address. The due date of meeting most of the post-incorporation compliances are generally during the first month. These are the very first step after registration of the company and mandatory in nature. Delaying or non-compliance is serious offense which results in additional fees and penalty. We shall help you to do the necessary compliance for your company.

Companies Act Related Post Incorporation Compliance

Intimation of Registered Address to ROC

Nowadays a company may be incorporated on a Communication Address also. In other words, if you have not intimated the registered address , do it within 30 days of incorporation by filing a Form INC -22

Commencement of Business

Every subscriber to the MOA (Promoter Shareholder) must remit their part of paid-up capital to the Company Bank Account. Then file Form INC-20A as a declaration for Commencement of Business.

Share Certificate & Franking

The Share Certificate to the subscribers of the MOA needs to be issued within 60 days of incorporation and stamp duty of appropriate value must be paid to the concerned state government.

First Auditor Appointment

The Directors of the Company must appoint the Statutory Auditor within 30 Days of the Incorporation, failing which the auditor must be appointed by the shareholders in an EGM within 90 Days.