LLP Annual Return Filing

Easy & Online ROC Return & ITR Filing By CA for LLP.

Annual Return of an LLP is a mandatory compliance requirement and is applicable to all the LLP which was incorporated during the previous financial year. However, newly incorporated LLP have been exempted from filing the ROC Returns. We can help you to understand the compliance requirements of LLP

The LLP Annual Return is the process by which the LLP files its annual report to the ROC and Income Tax Department for the previous year. These are mandatory filing and if not filed have its serious consequences by way of heavy fines and penalty. We have the most competitive packages for newly incorporated Limited Liability Partnership having low turnover and we guarantee the lowest price in India and willing to match the best quote. The books of account or say financial statement plays a pivotal role to file the ITR and ROC Returns. In the coming section, we are discussing every aspect of the annual return of LLP in a systematic manner.

Due Date of LLP Annual Filing

Partner DIN KYC

  • Start Date: 1st April
  • Last Date: 30th June
  • Govt Fee: NIL
  • Late Fee: Rs. 5000/-

Income Tax Return

  • Start Date: 1st April
  • Last Date: 31st July
  • Govt Fee: Actual Tax
  • Late Fee: Rs. 1000 to 10,000

Form -11

  • Start Date: 1st April
  • Last Date: 30th May
  • Govt Fee: Rs. 50
  • Late Fee: Rs. 100 Per Day

Form -8

  • Start Date: 1st April
  • Last Date: 30th October
  • Govt Fee: Rs. 50
  • Late Fee: Rs. 100 Per Day

Annual Filings by the LLP in India

Partner KYC

The Director KYC is mandatory annual filing for all the persons who have been allotted a DIN during the FY 2019-20 or any earlier period. To put it simply, if ROC approves the DIN on or before 31st March 2020, then the filing of DIR-3KYC is mandatory. Please note that it is an entirely online process, and we are processing the orders of DIN within the same day of placing the order for filing the director’s KYC.


The LLP is a taxable person and filing of ITR is essential during the year 2020-21 if the LLP existed even for one day in fiscal 2019-20. The first step is to finalize your books of account and prepare the financial statement of your LLP. After that, we have to compute Tax Payable and pay the self-assessment tax. Finally, the ITR is filed with the DSC or partner of the LLP. Remember to file ITR before the due date.

Form 11 of LLP

Form 11 is an annual return to the ROC every year, wherein details of significant changes that took place in the LLP are reported to the ROC. It is mandatory even if there is no business transaction & is applicable equally to all LLP irrespective of its turnover or activities. The details of the designated partners and partners are filed as an attachment to Form 11. If not filed, it will cost you Rs. 100 for each day of delay

Form 8 of LLP

Form 8 is a statement of accounts & solvency by the LLP. It is a declaration by the LLP to the ROC that the financial position of the LLP is sound and that it is capable of paying its liabilities or debts. The key particulars of the financial statement of the LLP submitted to the ROC through the filing of Form-8. Therefore it is necessary to prepare the financial report before you start filling the form 8 to the ROC

Step Wise Process For LLP Annual Filing

  • Check If ROC Returns Are Applicable Or Only ITR Needs To Be Filed.

    The annual filing is an activity involving ROC as well as Income Tax Returns. Whether or not your LLP has to file Form-11 or Form-8 depends on its date of incorporation. For the newly incorporated LLPm that is on or after 1st October 2019, the ROC Returns are optional for FY 2019-20. ITR and DIN KYC is mandatory in all cases.

  • Check Validity Of Digital Signature Of All The Designated Partners Of LLP

    The ROC Annual Returns of the LLP (Form 11 & Form 8) and its Income-tax Returns are filed electronically after its authentication by the digital signature of the designated partners of the LLP. Check the validity of the digital signature, and if expired, please take steps to renew the same.

  • Obtain Complete Bank Statement and Identify Transactions

    For accounting purposes, we need a complete bank statement of your LLP for the relevant financial year. The bank statement must start from the 1st day of the fiscal year, i.e. 1st April and ends on the 31st March. We suggest you mention the details of the party and the nature transaction against each entry of the bank statement.

  • Reconcile Your Books and Confirm Balance from Parties.

    Now accumulate all the invoices raised and bills of expenses. Please note we follow the accrual accounting system, hence include all the invoices or statements even if the same is unpaid. Further, reconcile with GST and TDS Returns. Ask for ledger from significant parties and reconcile the balance as on 31st March for accuracy of financial statement.

  • Contact Us, We will do rest

    Well done, now is the time for your consultants to prepare the statement of accounts and solvency for your LLP. We will send you the final reports of your LLP for your confirmation and post that will further assist you in filing ROC & Income Tax Returns of the LLP.